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On February 1st, 2021, COCO Collective Ownership Company Limassol Limited entered into its first share transfer agreement and the accession of its first Participating Company. Under the agreement, Mr. George Ioulianos transferred to COCO Limassol 10% of the shares of Oneplan Consulting Ltd, making COCO Limassol, and consequently all its Members, legal owners and beneficiaries of the 10% of Oneplan Consulting Ltd.

Oneplan Consulting Ltd is providing consulting services to companies and new ventures. It specialises in the preparation of feasibility studies and business plans, business analysis and strategic planning, company valuations, market studies, analysis and documentation of internal policies and procedures, due diligence studies, as well as in the provision of services for the financing of projects and companies through funding programs, financial institutions and investors.

The agreement with Mr. George Ioulianos and Oneplan Consulting Ltd marks the official start of COCO Limassol’s activities and the beginning of transformation of its vision into action, according to which the Limassol District will become a place of cooperation, mutual support, and sustainable prosperity for all its people.

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