Become a Member


Become a Member to enjoy the financial, social and environmental returns that COCO Limassol can produce. As a rightful co-owner and beneficiary of the Company, you will be receiving more returns the more COCO Limassol achieves its goals and objectives.

More specifically, Members are expected to benefit from the following:

Become a Member - Financial returns

Financial Returns

Receipt of dividends out of COCO Limassol profits (dividends from Participating Companies)
Members’ Funds:
currently at €3,225.35
Become a Member - Social returns

Social Returns

Become a Member - Environmental returns

Environmental Returns


Members Rights


As the legal owners of the company, the Members are entitled to the distribution of any profits of the company. It is noted that all Members are equal, and therefore, all Members receive the same share out of the company’s profits.

They have the right to vote (one vote per member) at the general meetings of the company.

They have the right to participate in the activities of the company through their participation in the Member Committees.

They have the right to full information about the activities and financial data of the company, based on the company’s policy of full transparency.

Members Obligations


The Members of COCO Limassol, as the legal owners of this limited liability company, guarantee the company with the amount of €10 each, as noted in the company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association. That is, if, for any reason, the company is dissolved and there are financial obligations, each Member will be asked to contribute to this deficit with an amount of up to €10.

When the data based on which a person became a Member of COCO Limassol have changed (e.g., change of permanent residence, sale of shares in Limassol-based company), the Member must inform the company in order for the Members directory to be updated.

Apart from this, the Members of the company do not have any other contractual obligations and cannot be asked to contribute any more funds.

Who can become a Member

Any natural person who has reached the age of 18 can become a Member of COCO Limassol provided that they meet at least one of the following two (2) conditions:

The address of their permanent residence is within the Area
They are the holder of at least 10% of the share capital of a company with a registered address within the Area

To register as Member, you need to fill in the Member Application Form and pay the registration fee of €10. Members are not required to pay any subscription fees after their registration to COCO Limassol.


Do you need more information before becoming a Member?