COCO Limassol – Who is it for

About the company

COCO Collective Ownership Company Limassol Limited (COCO Limassol) is registered as a Limited Liability Company by Guarantee without Share Capital. This means that the company has no shareholders but Members who are both its legal owners and beneficiaries. COCO Limassol is a for-profit company registered with the Registrar of Companies and Cyprus Income Tax.

COCO Limassol - About Ownership Structure

Ownership structure

COCO Limassol belongs to its members. Each registered member is automatically a co-owner of the company. These members are also beneficiaries of any profits the company makes on an annual basis.

COCO Limassol - About Business Activities

Business activities

COCO Limassol does not engage in any business activities and does not make any investments. The company simply acts as a holder of shares in companies that decide to offer part of their share capital as a donation to COCO Limassol.

COCO Limassol - About Geographical Cover

Geographical cover

Aiming to strengthen the local economy and society, the company operates within a specific geographical area which is covered by its aims and objectives. Specifically, COCO Limassol has defined as its area of activity the entire geographical area of the Limassol District.

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COCO Limassol geographical cover

Aims & Objectives

Member Committees

The company consists of specific Committees, the creation of which is decided by the Board of Directors from time to time, in order to assist its work in achieving the goals and objectives of COCO Limassol.

The Committees are composed of Members of the company who, upon request, are approved for participation in the Committees. Application for participation in the Committees can be made by any Member at any time.

The current Committees of COCO Limassol are the following:
COCO Limassol - Committees - Administration

Company management and Secretary duties

COCO Limassol - Committees - Financial Control
Financial Control

Financial management of the company, financial control tasks and Treasurer duties

COCO Limassol - Committees - Marketing

Management of the company’s marketing tools and undertaking of promotional activities

COCO Limassol - Committees - Business & Operational Needs
Business & Operational Needs

Identifying and promoting business and operational needs of the Area

COCO Limassol - Committees - Sustainable Development Practices
Sustainable Development Practices

Promoting sustainable development practices in businesses and raising awareness among citizens

COCO Limassol - Committees - Conscious Citizen
Conscious Citizen

Raising awareness regarding active and conscious citizenship and organizing of relevant events

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