Become a Participating Company


Become a Participating Company to further promote your company, enjoy the support of the local society, and become an integral part of the social and environmental change that we envision. The aim is for your company to enjoy more support the more COCO Limassol achieves its goals and objectives. More specifically, Participating Companies are expected to benefit from the following:

Increased number of loyal customers from the COCO Limassol Members base.
Promotion of the company through various marketing activities of COCO Limassol (business directory, website, social media, events, etc.)
Competitive advantage over competitors that are not headquartered in the Area or do not participate in COCO Limassol.
Increased support for the development of its activities by the local community.
Culture of cooperation, mutual support and joint development with other companies.
Opportunities for development of further business activities.
Improved infrastructure and conditions for the conduct of its business activities within the Area.
Ability to register its shareholders as Members of COCO Limassol.
COCO Limassol - Become a Participating Company – Rights

Rights of Participating Companies


COCO Limassol is obliged to promote the Company through its website but also through any other opportunity for collective promotion of the Participating Companies.

Participating Companies are not obliged to provide any financial information to COCO Limassol.

COCO Limassol has no right of interference or saying in the activities and/ or decisions of the Company.

The shareholders of the Participating Company reserve the right to request at any time, by written notice to COCO Limassol, the transfer of all or part of the shares of their company back to them, without any prior notice and without any explanation.

COCO Limassol has no right to use the shares of the Participating Company as collateral for a loan or in any other way to pledge and/ or sell and/ or transfer the shares.
COCO Limassol - Become a Participating Company – Obligations

Obligations of Participating Companies


In case of increase of its share capital, the Participating Company must inform COCO Limassol in case this increase results to the reduction of the percentage of COCO Limassol in the share capital of the Company.

The Company has no obligation but is called to contribute voluntarily to the fulfilment of the goals and objectives of COCO Limassol through the promotion and implementation of sustainable practices in its activities, which will contribute to the protection and improvement of the social fabric of the Area, the natural environment, and the local economy.

Who can become a Participating Company

In order to be able to contract with COCO Limassol one must be a legal entity with share capital whose registered office is located within the COCO Limassol Area. You should contact us to discuss the process.


Companies wishing to partner with COCO Limassol entitle COCO Limassol and its members to become shareholders of the company. This is done either by transferring shares from existing shareholders, or by increasing the share capital which is granted free of charge to COCO Limassol. In any case, the transfer is made voluntarily and on the basis of a specific agreement that preserves the rights of Participating Companies.

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